About us

We are the publishers of the Greek Canadian Telephone Guide, a business and residential telephone directory published continuously since 1974 on an annual basis in Greek and English and serving the dynamic Greek Canadian community nationwide.

It is the most up to date Telephone Directory of its kind and can be found in almost every Greek speaking household across Canada. More than 1.4 million copies have been distributed nationwide, and more than 760,000 in the Greater Toronto Area. Its online version is the only complete Greek Canadian Telephone Directory on the internet.

By placing an ad in the yellow pages of our printed version, a business is automatically listed on our website, classified alphabetically and by type of business, thus reaching thousands of new potential customers, broadening its market and increasing its sales and profitability.


  • An alphabetical listing of Canadian citizens of Greek descent residing in Canada (population of 300 000)
  • A complete alphabetical list of Greek-Canadian businesses across Canada.
  • A complete list of professional and community organizations, churches, associations, institutions, etc.
  • An updated list of professionals including physicians, lawyers, dentists etc.
  • A list of federal, provincial and municipal government services for Canada and Greece.
  • A list of hospitals, police stations and useful information on calling long distance, including area codes of all cities and townships in Greece.
  • A Greek calendar with its religious and national holidays
  • Over 600 white and yellow pages listing and advertising products and services by category
  • FREE listing on the internet

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